Who We Are


Star General Trading Company (SGT COMPANY) has been founded in February 2007, by group of businessmen in Mogadishu, Somali capital after long assessment and analysis the group agreed to establish a reliable creative general trading business company.


Star General Trading Company is an Export/Import Trading and Management Company which imports construction materials, used vehicles and trucks, spare parts, tyres and batteries, décor wallpapers, project management, information technology and many other products from U.A.E, India, Malaysia, Kenya and China to international locations specially Somalia. Our experience in the export business allows many companies to use our resources to provide a service they could not otherwise offer.


Our goal is to provide a wide range of products to give our customers “one stop” shopping for most of their requirements. The mother company, Star General Trading, has four different portfolios under the leadership of its chief Executive Officer.


1) The gigantic portfolio, Star General Trading and Construction, which encompasses imports of construction materials and construction services to International agencies including United Nation agencies.
2) Star Taxi and Transportation which mainly deals importing used cars and spare parts, batteries, tyres, renting private cars and proving public transportation services as taxicabs.
3) Star Décor and Wallpaper portfolio is committed to strengthening their position as a market leader by applying experience and innovation to source, develop and distribute wall coverings that continually generate new interest and excitement in both the corporate and consumer markets in Somalia
4) Star Information and Project Management portfolio which focuses on developing and conducting IT and Project Management related products and services for both local and international institutions.

Star General Trading Company is a service provider in many fields, operating mostly in East Africa. Among its routinely service may include:-



Star General Trading Company specializes in the planning, construction and maintenance of roads, camps and office buildings that even facilities in African countries mainly Somalia. The company will make up preparation of the campsite (Leveling of ground, compacting, gravelling, roads, fencing, etc.) and construction of camp structures and offices. The company will also responsible for:-


1) Water system installations
2) Sewage systems with sewage evacuation lines,
3) Sourcing and training of suitable personnel from the local population
4) Electricity Installation
5) Specialized Facilities as requested by the client e.g. Laboratories, Physical Training Facilities, etc


Logistic facilities

The company specializes in logistical support to different projects. The logistical support includes: –
1) Coordination of aviation services for personnel and cargo movement
2) Road and Air and Sea Transport of personnel and cargo
3) Accommodation of personnel


IT and Project Management

The company conducted several projects in the field of IT and Project Management. The ITPM support include:
1) Providing enhanced application for companies and other institutions
2) Import IT hardware and software for local and government agencies
3) Develop and implement projects that generate revenue and create business opportunities


Other specialized services

General construction, public houses infrastructures, hotels, school and prefabricated tents, drilling boreholes, making concrete barriers, rehabilitation of road, bridges. Providing and Training of skilled and unskilled labors of organizations and also facilitates of cash and also transportation, cargo and clearances facilities in custom services of seaports.


Mission Statement

Star General Trading Company’s mission is to be the most successful service provider and sustain construction in Africa at the best customer experience in markets we serve around African counties. In doing so, Star General Trading Company will meet customer expectation of highest quality; leading, reliable service, competitive pricing; individual and company accountability; best in class service and support; flexible customization capability; superior corporate citizenship; financial stability and value creation, allowing our people with standards which guide growth and on a genuine sense of responsibility to our employees.


Vision Statement

Star General Trading Company’s vision is to be the Africa leader in service provider and sustain construction and related services. In doing so, Star General Trading Company will create an excellent customer relation with all its customers and partners.


Objectives of the Organisation


(Wealth = Knowledge + Production + Good Governance.) Chapter 26 of the Laws of Federal Republic of Somalia




1) The name of the company is Star General Trading Company limited

2) The registered office of the company is situated in the republic of Somalia capital Mogadishu.

3) the objects for which the company established are:

A) To carry on general construction, construction and maintenance of roads, camps and office blocks. Campsite preparations – leveling ground, compacting, graveling and fencing. Constructing prefabricated tents, warehouses, military barriers, jersey barriers, t- walls and Hesco barriers. Construction ablution facilities, prefabricated toilets and septic tanks and soak bits. Supplying and delivering general construction materials including, sand, gravel, filling materials, stones, limes, cements, timbers, roofing sheets, lumbers, plywood, chipboards, roofing nails, reinforcement bars, angle iron, square tube, steel plates, paints, plumbing materials and electric wires, cables, and appliance.


B) To carry on all or any of the business of builders and contractors, merchants, and dealers in stone, sand, lime, brick, timber, hardware, and other building materials and requisites, bricks, tiles, terra-cotta makers, job masters, carriers, licensed victuals and house agents, railway and forwarding agents, I warehousemen, bonded Carmen, common Carmen and any other business which can conveniently be carried on in connection with the above.


C) To carry out the sale and distribution of cleaning equipment, detergents and any other products, and to carry on the business of sanitary service, general cleaners and refurbishes of buildings and compounds, offering refuse collection services, digging of put latrines, suppliers of water storage tanks, digging boreholes, emptying filled put latrines, dealers and manufacturers of detergents, cleaning soaps of all types dealers in all cleaning services and materials, mops, sweepers, cleaning machine woovers, cleaning toilets, shampoos, importers and exporters of all cleaning and sanitary services machines and tools of all kinds.


D) To carry on the business of garages, motor workshops, petrol station proprietors and to buy and sell petrol, petroleum and diesel products, gasoline, kerosene, oil, spare parts, tyres, batteries of vehicles & trucks and operate parking by stations petrol and service stations for all types of motor vehicles and to build, acquire and take buildings and garages, workshops conductive and profitable to the business of the company.


E) Do carry on business of insecticides, poisons, detergents, soaps, oils, shampoos, toilets air cleaners, scents perfumes, cosmetics, sanitary materials and ayurvedic, unani and local herbs and medicines and of electrical, chemical, photographical, surgical and scientific apparatus and materials, pest controllers and fumigators.


F) To curry on the business of spray painters, panel beaters, welders, motor vehicle body builders, lubricators, oilers and greasers, providers of breakdown services and to manufacture, buy sell, exchange alter, improve manipulate, import, export, prepare tools, implements, utensils, substances, materials, and things necessary or convenient for carrying out any of the business of this company and to provide car wash services, sales of vegetable products, tea, coffee sisal, pyrethrum, tobacco products, castor, flax, cotton and other soil produce.


G) To deal in all types of spare parts for diesel and petrol engines for motor cars and other vehicles and also to import, export, manufacture and deal in detergents, disinfectants, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, agro-chemicals, industrial and fine chemicals, reagents and laboratory chemicals, hides and skins and generally to carry on the business of shopkeepers and dealers in textile of all types.


H) To carry on the business of hoteliers, caterers, restaurateurs, food suppliers, proprietors, of inns, camps, canteens, boarding and lodging houses, lodges, motels, coffee houses, tea rooms, and refreshment rooms, licensed victuallers, proprietors or ballrooms halls, conference centers, theaters and places of recreation, sport and amusement as well as of such gaming establishments as may be lawful and bakers, confectioners, pastry cooks, sweet manufacturers, tobacconists, ice-cream manufacturers, meat salesmen and general butchers, fishmongers, fruiters, greengrocers, florists, dairymen, gardeners, farmers, graziers, planter game and poultry farmers, and dears, food and provision dealers, flour miller, cold storage and depository proprietors, dry cleaners, laundries and proprietors of laundries.


I) To carry on the business and to build, acquire, establish, improve, conduct, own, develop and manage as proprietors and managers all types of training centers, hotels, motels, fishing restaurants, tourist promotion, road houses, caravan sites, oriental and continental restaurants, shops, gift centers, boutiques, shoe shops, hair dressing and massage parlors, ice-cream parlors, to provide all types of catering services.


J) To trade in every kind and description both wholesale and retail of foodstuffs, horticultural and agricultural products, vegetables, beans, cereals, farm products, milk cream, butter, meat egg, fruits, juice and tinned foodstuffs, and hardware.


H) To carry out importing IT hardware, computers, software, printers, electronics, UPS, tablets, professional certificates, software development, mobile development, web development and project management

Track Records Of The Company

Recent Contracts with the UN and international companies /or nongovernmental for profit or non profit seekers organizations which are currently work inside the country especially Mogadishu.


Organizational Chart Of Star General Trading Company