Company History

Star General Trading Company LTD, as one of the Somalia’s most successful trading companies, our corporate journey began in the early 2007, when Somalia needed our services more than anytime else in the history. We set strategic agendas, ideas, and work plan, which was always based on serving the country including the critical times.


Today, we remain committed to the same strategic goals and objectives that have driven our success over the last decade. We are very proud to serve the country through the Somalia government, international community including UN agencies (UNSOS, UNOPS, UNDP, UNODC etc) as well as other corporate that share similar values to ours.


We proud of our past achievements and we have an active present-day agenda, which still service for the interest of our people and country and we look forward to contributing a very promising Somalia future.


The values of contributing the best service to the country and customers are deep-rooted into our corporate culture and are followed in every aspect of our business operation through all major principles: zero compromise on quality, consistent value for means to our clients, client’s satisfaction, and maintaining loyalty with the employees & vendors and zero corruption.